Comments for Life As A Lab

Part 1: Subject-Object Reversal

I did this subject-object experiment with a book that was lying close to my bedstand. The title of the book is "Yes, Minister & Yes, Prime Minister" (for those of you who like British comedy).

When I looked at it, with myself as the subject, I noted that it was a rather thick book with a red worn cover. I noted the mildy sardonic expressions of the ministers who're depicted on the front cover standing behind a leather chair. I wondered why it was written by two authors - Jonathan Lynn & Antony Jay, and whether that adds to the quality of the book or not.

When I let the book look at me, it was quite surprising. I've done this experiment before, and not had quite this kind of experience. I felt that the book was being judgmental - condescending towards me. I've a habit of biting my nails sometimes - I stopped doing this rather abashedly. I tried to be more collected and proper. I relaxed the muscles in my forehead. Generally, I felt it was being quite haughty.

I suppose this says quite a lot about how I view tbe British ministry! I wonder if my perceptions of the book when it was in the subject mode were somehow related to a possible suggestion I made to myself when I was looking at the book as an object? After all, the picture of the ministers on the front cover carries a tone with it.

-- SC- 17 May 2005